Mikhael Manekin — What I won’t say to the Kirshenbaum Committee to “Investigate” the Israeli Left

Mikhael Manekin, a courageous Israeli dissenter wrote a note below against the Kirshenbaum Committee. Fania Kirshenbaum a member of the Knesset (Israeli Parliament) from Yisrael Beiteinu a far right-wing group has decided to copy the late American Joseph McCarthy and Roy Cohn’s witch-hunts against the Israeli “Left”. The real targets are the Palestinians in Occupied [...]

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Israeli Occupation Force: Lies, repression and resistance

In the last two days, every group of people I visited in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories of East Jerusalem and West Bank have come under serious attack by the Israeli Occupation Forces for the non-violent work that they do to resist the Occupation. I have a great deal to write about my ten [...]

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Bil’in Female Protester in Critical Condition from Tear-Gas inhalation as more than 1000 evade Israeli Occupation forces

Since 23 December 2010, I have been in Israel, Occupied East Jerusalem and the West Bank. I have seen much and heard more. I will write when I return home. More than 1000 people protested in Bil’in today. The statement below was issued by the Popular Struggle Coordination Committee tonight. I was one of many [...]


Sexual Orientation: United Nations General Assembly defeats bigots using religion and culture

To ensure the effective protection of the right to life of all persons under their jurisdiction and to investigate promptly and thoroughly all killings, including those targeted at specific groups of persons, such as…killings of persons belonging to national or ethnic, religious and linguistic minorities, or because of their sexual orientation…. 15 November 2010 — [...]


Israel’s Holy Warriors and the Occupation

Breaking the Silence or Shovrimshtika is one of the most courageous group of people who act as the conscience of Jewish Israelis– soldiers who testify about the policy of human rights violations in the Israeli Armed Forces. They are men and women who expose the injustice of Occupation. Their struggle is one that posits the [...]


The Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde

120 years ago, a tragic tale of a happy prince and a swallow was published. It remains one of the most remarkable moral tales written. A swallow who does not follow his friends but his love and ends up doing good one bit at a time without following the flock. Oscar Wilde is one of [...]


50+ organisations and 47 individuals emergency call: President Zuma reverse vote on LGBTI people at the UN on 20/21 December 2010

On Friday 17 December 2010, the Mail and Guardian published the Open Letter condemning South Africa’s shameful vote at the UN to remove “sexual orientation” protection against summary executions. It was signed by more than 1000 people and organisations. (The full list will be available on Writing Rights next week). Then, it became clear that [...]


TAC & SECTION27 say: “ARV tender victory will save millions of lives”

The details of the ARV tender in South Africa has been published. Today government can provide ARV treatment to nearly 2 million people living with HIV/AIDS — double the number of people at half the price of the last government tender. Dr. Aaron Motsoaledi — our health minister has demonstrated leadership in ensuring that drug [...]

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The British Labour Party vs the Israeli Labor Party & Secret visits by ANC MPs to Israel

The British Parliament has debated the cruel detention and kangaroo court trials of Palestinian children by the Israeli military. The article by Amira Hass is a must read. Next year Open Shuhada street will campaign for similar debates in the South African Parliament. Writing Rights has learnt that a secretive pro-Israel organisation in South Africa [...]


Javier Solana, Helmut Schmidt, Mary Robinson and other former EU leaders call for sanctions against Israel

26 European elder states-men and -women have called for sanctions to be imposed against Israel if it does not stop illegal settlement expansion and withdraw to the pre-1967 borders. The EU leaders including the conservative former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt included a demand to ban imports of settler products. The pressure on Israel continues to [...]


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