Wellness Warehouse Director, Dr. Sean Gomes responded last week to the Open Shuhada Street letter requesting it to stop stocking Ahava products. Gomes’s response evades the issues of profiteering from the Occupation and misleading the public about the origin of Ahava products. However, he seems amenable to stop stocking Ahava if the pressure increases. Open Shuhada Street will be sending a response later this week to Wellness Warehouse with a notice that we are going to protest at their stores.

Please distribute widely and getting ready for protest.

Also note that any personal attacks such as those sent out by the South African Zionist Federation on behalf of David Abel will be deleted.

Zackie Achmat

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Nathan Geffen
Open Shuhada Street
P.O. Box 13017

By email: openshuhadastreetza@gmail.com
23 August 2010

Dear Nathan Geffen

Request by Open Shuhada Street, for Wellness Warehouse to stop selling Ahava products.

Wellness Warehouse is one of a number of retailers, health shops and spas in South Africa that stock Ahava products. Wellness Warehouse is not the importer, but purchases Ahava from a local importer. Wellness Warehouse supports wellness in all aspects. We are pro people and the environment.

Ahava satisfies our preference for products that are not tested on animals, are involved in preserving the environment; are natural and beneficial for the body.

We believe political issues should be addressed through the correct political channels rather than targeted to independent businesses such as ourselves. We note the recent news that Israel and Palestine have agreed to resume talks early next month, with a goal of two sovereign states, and we trust in these democratic principles.

We have a responsibility to our customers to provide the goods and services they have come to expect. If a product is deemed to be contravening any law and this is confirmed and sanctioned by the South African trade authorities and government, we shall then take the necessary action at that time.

We have forwarded your request to the local importer of Ahava and await further information from them on the matter.

We will continue to assess the situation and will take any necessary decisions based on recommendations from the South African government.

Yours faithfully,

Dr Sean Gomes
Director, Wellness Warehouse

Directors: dr. sean gomes, carlos gomes, registration number 2004/031962/07