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Khayelitsha: Police shoot wildly in taxi rank and dilatory DA MEC Bertie Fritz talks about another Task Team

The criminal justice system is riddled with incompetent and corrupt police who behave like cowboys. Yesterday, at least two and possibly three commuters were shot as police pursued a taxi in Khayelitsa for an alleged hit and run accident. They arrested the taxi driver and then let him go. Apart from an acknowledgment, Bertie Fritz, [...]


President Zuma — Julius Malema is not a junior — he is dangerous

The ANC faces a crossroads after its National General Council. In his address to the NGC, and since President Jacob Zuma spoke firmly about bad behaviour; the relationship between seniors and juniors; repairing the leaking house of the Alliance as opposed to demolishing it and avoided the political debate on nationalisation. He has been applauded [...]


The politics of the working class must become the politics of society

The Durban Strikes in 1973 (when Black African trade unions were outlawed) set the stage for the emergence of a powerful labour movement in South Africa. In 1979, there were only 10 000 African workers organised into trade unions. By 1985 more than 500 000 workers were organised under its banner. Today more than 2 [...]

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R19 billion mismanaged by Gauteng Department of Health

The Gauteng Department of Health  cannot account for almost R19 billion of public money. (See article and audit below.) This is the view of the Auditor-General.  This implies financial mismanagement on an unprecedented scale in that department. It is not a simple question of theft or corruption. It is far more serious.  The fact that [...]


Khayelitsha Organisations to Stage Picket for Improved Access to Justice and Safety – 10h45, 23 September 2010

JUSTICE FOR ALL! Khayelitsha Organisations to Stage Picket for Improved Access to Justice and Safety – 10h45, 23 September 2010 1. The Social Justice Coalition (SJC), Treatment Action Campaign (TAC), Equal Education (EE), Free Gender, AIDS Legal Network, Luleka Lisizwe and Triangle Project are community-based organisations located in Khayelitsha, Cape Town. Our organisations seek to [...]

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Justice for all = Fewer but honest and competent police — Join Protest

Time for everyone to act on safety and security for all. This post contains three items: Details for protest against criminal incompetence and corruption in criminal justice system Cape Times article on impact of escape Social Justice Coalition Newsletter Time for everyone to act. Four of the nine men who were responsible for a hate [...]

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Julius Malema and the Roots of Fascism in South Africa

I met a young man called Lubabalo Folose because I regularly pass through his place of work – O.R. Tambo International Airport near Johannesburg. Neatly dressed and always smiling, he shines shoes. A few years ago he persuaded me to let him shine my shoes “because if you are in the Treatment Action Campaign you [...]



Citizens must oppose corruption and leaders must live, spend and earn modestly People use toilets the City Councils refuse to clean and criminals prey on them while they perform private functions. School nutrition programmes suffer while, most learners’ minds also hunger for books and laboratories.  Sport and culture facilities in our schools are almost  non-existent [...]

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