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The South African Jewish Board of Deputies and Apartheid

Daniel’s Mackintosh’s article below is a cautious but courageous reflection on the South African Jewish Board of Deputies and their collaboration with apartheid. The article has also been published in the journal Jewish Affairs. This bold step by Jewish Affairs must be commended. Mackintosh locates the South African Jewish leadership’s collaboration with apartheid in their [...]

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Boycott Ahava: Wellness Warehouse Responds — Open Shuhada Street Plans protest

Wellness Warehouse Director, Dr. Sean Gomes responded last week to the Open Shuhada Street letter requesting it to stop stocking Ahava products. Gomes’s response evades the issues of profiteering from the Occupation and misleading the public about the origin of Ahava products. However, he seems amenable to stop stocking Ahava if the pressure increases. Open [...]

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Boycott Ahava Occupation Products — Deadline for Wellness Warehouse — Join Open Shuhada Street Meeting

Wellness Warehouse (South Africa) has until close of business on Monday 23rd August 2010 to respond to the demand by Open Shuhada Street to withdraw its stock of Ahava Products. Join our meeting tomorrow to discuss action. Ahava is a privately held Israeli cosmetics company which manufactures its products in the Occupied Palestinian Territories via [...]


Wellness Warehouse must remove Israeli Ahava products now or face protest

“We have unquestionable respect for human rights and dignity. We strongly believe in empowering people. All are treated with empathy.” – Wellness Warehouse Corporate Values Sean Gomes CEO Wellness Warehouse Headoffice 50 Kloof Street PO Box 3644 Cape Town 8000 By fax and email: 021 487 5455 and 16 August 2010 Dear Sean Gomes, [...]

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Jewish Identity, Israel and Limmud

Am I allowed to discuss Jewish identity and to criticise my friends who are Jewish publicly? How should non-Jewish people deal with the question of Israel? Should progressive Jewish people entertain a variety of views on Israel? How should we protest against Israel apologists? All identities and histories contain progressive, regressive and reactionary elements. Prior [...]

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