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Open Letter to the SA Zionist Federation: Why are you supporting occupation, settlement and oppression?

The following open letter has been sent to the South African Zionist Federation (Cape) by the committee members of Open Shuhada Street. It is a response to an email circulated by the Federation. Open Shuhada Street 6 September 2010 SA Zionist Federation (Cape) / Open Letter to the SA Zionist Federation Why are [...]

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“The cynical use of Gilad Shalit”: What does Gilad Shalit have to do with Queers?

Gilad Shalit has been held prisoner in Gaza under the Hamas government for more than four years. He has not been allowed visits by his family or the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

The 24-year-old soldier has also been denied any form of communication including letters to his family or the ICRC. The Goldstone Commission asked that the Hamas government allow visits by his family and the ICRC, as well as, allowing Shalit the right to write letters pending his release.

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Boycott Ahava: Wellness Warehouse Responds — Open Shuhada Street Plans protest

Wellness Warehouse Director, Dr. Sean Gomes responded last week to the Open Shuhada Street letter requesting it to stop stocking Ahava products. Gomes’s response evades the issues of profiteering from the Occupation and misleading the public about the origin of Ahava products. However, he seems amenable to stop stocking Ahava if the pressure increases. Open [...]

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Boycott Ahava Occupation Products — Deadline for Wellness Warehouse — Join Open Shuhada Street Meeting

Wellness Warehouse (South Africa) has until close of business on Monday 23rd August 2010 to respond to the demand by Open Shuhada Street to withdraw its stock of Ahava Products. Join our meeting tomorrow to discuss action. Ahava is a privately held Israeli cosmetics company which manufactures its products in the Occupied Palestinian Territories via [...]


Wellness Warehouse must remove Israeli Ahava products now or face protest

“We have unquestionable respect for human rights and dignity. We strongly believe in empowering people. All are treated with empathy.” – Wellness Warehouse Corporate Values Sean Gomes CEO Wellness Warehouse Headoffice 50 Kloof Street PO Box 3644 Cape Town 8000 By fax and email: 021 487 5455 and 16 August 2010 Dear Sean Gomes, [...]

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Let the truth be told — Stop the Secrecy Bill! South Africa and Israel Join Mugabe

The Secrecy Bill in South Africa threatens our freedom just as secrecy the amendment to the Israeli Penal Law (see below) threatens freedom in that country. South Africa is a constitutional democracy while Israel is a repressive state with democracy for those who agree or acquiesce to its oppressive policies. The contexts are different but [...]



Jewish Identity, Israel and Limmud

Am I allowed to discuss Jewish identity and to criticise my friends who are Jewish publicly? How should non-Jewish people deal with the question of Israel? Should progressive Jewish people entertain a variety of views on Israel? How should we protest against Israel apologists? All identities and histories contain progressive, regressive and reactionary elements. Prior [...]

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Jewish Voices for Peace: circulate news of small first step to divestment victory

Letter from Aaron Levitt Jewish Voices for Peace (JVP) I’m writing you from New York City where I just got back from the TIAA-CREF annual meeting and I’m still a bit overwhelmed by the experience. I can’t tell you what it meant to have each one of you there with us in the room. 15,300 [...]

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Gaza War Crimes: Chief Rabbi Goldstein apologise to Justice Goldstone

GAZA WAR CRIMES: WHO WILL STAND TRIAL? At least twenty-six members of the Al-Samouni family in Gaza were deliberately murdered by the Israeli armed forces. Ten of the dead were children. Who are those responsible for the war crimes against the people of Gaza? This post contains three articles. The first is an article by [...]

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Palestinian man 18 Months in Prison for sex with Jewish Woman

I wonder what Israel apologists will say of this case and the surveys below? Zackie Achmat Jurists say Arab’s rape conviction sets dangerous precedent By Tomer Zarchin Lawyers for the Arab man convicted of rape by deception and sentenced to 18 months in prison, say they are considering an appeal to the High Court of [...]



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