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“The cynical use of Gilad Shalit”: What does Gilad Shalit have to do with Queers?

Gilad Shalit has been held prisoner in Gaza under the Hamas government for more than four years. He has not been allowed visits by his family or the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

The 24-year-old soldier has also been denied any form of communication including letters to his family or the ICRC. The Goldstone Commission asked that the Hamas government allow visits by his family and the ICRC, as well as, allowing Shalit the right to write letters pending his release.

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Report: Children live a short, hungry, sick and brutal life — build a movement

Many children live a short, hungry and brutal life in the richest country on the African continent and one of the wealthiest in the developing world. In 2008, nearly 12 million or 64% of all children lived in households with a monthly income (excluding social grants) of less than R569.00 per month. This rate varies [...]

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Premier Zille’s “illegal immigration” statements — A response

The country must have a discussion on state-sponsored xenophobia towards SADC immigrants, refugees and stateless people from all other African countries. Institutions such as Home Affairs historically have promoted xenophobia with its failed “deportation” strategy and the reactionary attitudes of many officials. Similarly, the South African Police Force have a history of targeting people from [...]

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Pierre de Vos on Toilets, Helen Zille and the Human Rights Commission

Premier Helen Zille attacked the Human Rights Commission report on the Makhaza toilets. Pierre de Vos ‘s analysis exposes the DA “Defend The Constitution” hypocrisy. Premier Zille: Will the DA City of Cape Town administration accept, appeal or ignore the Human Rights Commission findings? Human Rights Commission pro-poor stance must be applauded June 21st, 2010 [...]

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The Human Rights Commission Report on Makhaza Toilets

The South African Human Rights Commission has released its full report into the open toilets of Makhaza. Writing Rights will publish an analysis of the Makhaza Report later this week. The report is balanced, fair and its recommendations form the basis for a resolution of the issue. The City of Cape Town has the right [...]

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Today’s Cape Times: Cape Town fails the toilet test

Today Health-e News Service and the Cape Times published a series of articles on toilets in Cape Town. Mayor Dan Plato refused to respond to questions. His spokesperson Rulleska Singh said he was exceptionally busy with the World Cup. The reports below by Anso Thom should encourage everyone to be an activist to ensure that [...]

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Breaking News: Letter from Anglican Archbishop Thabo Makgoba on Toilets to Plato, Zille, Shiceka and Sonjica

The Anglican Archbishop Thabo Makgoba calls on Western Cape government to implement the Human Rights Commission recommendations on the Makhaza Toilets and offers to mediate between the parties concerned. This is an opportunity for the City of Cape Town, the Western Cape government and the ANC to show leadership in a crisis. For background see [...]

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The City of Cape Town (Plato’s Republic), The Human Rights Commission and The Toilets

The South African Human Rights Commission has found that the DA ruled City of Cape Town has violated the constitutional rights of people in Makhaza Khayelitsha. Its most significant find demands that the City fixes the problem and reports every month on porgress.The ANC Youth League brought the complaint to the SAHRC attention and if [...]

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The Toilets, The DA and the ANC Youth League

This article by Gavin Silber and Angy Peter of the Social Justice Coalition appeared in the Cape Times (27 May 2010) There was widespread controversy earlier this year when it emerged that 50 households in the low-income settlement of Makhaza (Khayelitsha) had been provided with unenclosed toilets, leaving residents deprived of their rights to health, [...]

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Memo to the US Government — We will reverse your policy through activism locally and globally

On 22 August 2006, Senator Obama met with the Treatment Action Campaign in South Africa. He visited Khayelitsha — a place that I regard as the home of people living with HIV across the world. There Norute Nobula explained to him how medicines saved her life and Sizwe Nquqe explained how TAC organises young people [...]



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